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Published: 00:50 GMT, Jan.. December 2020 | Updated: 01:50 GMT, Jan.. December 2020

A water slide at Dreamworld’s sister park, WhiteWater World, turned red with blood when an eight-year-old girl allegedly suffered a horrific genital injury that required two surgeries.

The girl’s family leaves after the incident on Jan.. November against the Gold Coast theme park.

It comes just two months after parent company Ardent Leisure was fined $ 3. 6 million for negligence following the deaths of four people killed on the Thunder Rapids trip in 2016.

‘She just stood on the concrete, with blood everywhere. I didn’t know where it came from, I freaked out, ”the girl’s mother, Sarah, told the courier mail.

‘The blood just flowed out of her . . . she cried « Mom, will I die? » ‘

A water slide at Dreamworld’s sister park, WhiteWater Word, turned red with blood when an 8-year-old girl allegedly suffered a horrific genital injury that later required two surgeries (Figure: Fully6 water slide)

The girl’s family is now taking action against the Gold Coast theme park just two months after fined parent company Ardent Leisure.

Sarah claims WhiteWater World did not warn her daughter of the dangers before she went on the Fully6 ride.

She said the only instruction the staff gave the drivers was to cross their legs and arms.

According to the mom from Logan, north Brisbane, there was no mention of the potential dangers of wearing bathing suits on the slide.

Sarah, who works as a nurse, claims the theme park botched the emergency response to the gruesome incident too.

She said there were no staff nearby who could offer help as her daughter’s body was gushing with blood and leaving bloody footprints as she walked.

The mother claims that a member of staff simply pointed her to the first aid room and simply walked away. .

Dreamworld’s parent company, Ardent Leisure Group, has been indicted by the Queensland Public Prosecutor for Health and Safety at Work over the 2016 Thunder River Rapids tragedy.

The Thunder River Rapids ride was one of Dreamworld’s most popular attractions until four people lost their lives on the ride in 2016

But when Sarah and her daughter arrived, the first aid room was unattended with no telephone or information on who to notify or where to get help.

However, according to Sarah, the person only requested a first aid officer after suggesting that the young girl might be on her period.

‘I said,’ She is eight years old . . . this is not her period. She cries in pain and bleeds all over the place. « . But they didn’t take it seriously. ‘

The child was taken to Logan Hospital and immediately underwent emergency surgery for a severe vaginal tear.

It will be about two months before she can go back to school, and the doctors told Sarah they were not sure about the long-term effects the young girl might be suffering from.

Shine Lawyers, who led the massive multi-million dollar legal battle against the dream world of Ardent Leisure, are now pursuing civil claims for Sarah and her daughter.

Sarah said she thought the security vulnerabilities blamed for the 2016 disaster were fixed after a lengthy investigation by the coroner.

Kim Dorsett’s children Kate Goodchild and Luke Dorsett, his partner Roozi Araghi, and NSW mother Cindy Low were all killed when the ride in the amusement park on Aug.. October 2016 failed.

Dreamworld’s parent company, Ardent Leisure, had to pay $ 3. 6 million fines after pleading guilty over the Thunder River Rapids tragedy.

The tragedy occurred when a water pump failed and the water level got dangerously low while driving.

Pictured: The Gold Coast theme park Dreamworld has been closed since March due to the coronavirus pandemic. It has since been reopened

The malfunction was the third that day and the fifth in a week, and despite recommendations, no automatic shutdown function was installed.

Health and Safety at Work said Ardent Leisure failed to provide and maintain safe facilities, structures and work systems at the Gold Coast theme park.

The company has also not provided any information, training, instruction, or supervision necessary to protect people from risk.

In February, Coroner James McDougall referred Ardent Leisure to the Office of Industrial Relations, saying there had been a « system glitch » at Dreamworld in all aspects of security.

The investigation also found that there had been no thorough assessment of the technical risk posed by the Thunder River Rapids in the 30 years it was open to the public.

Dreamworld presented itself as a modern, world-class theme park, but its « terrifyingly unsophisticated » security procedures are « rudimentary at best, » he said as he delivered the research.

Canberra’s Roozi Araghi (left) and Sydney mother of two, Cindy Low (right), were killed in the Thunder River Rapids tragedy at Dreamworld

WhiteWater World said in a statement to Daily Mail Australia that the guest and family continue to have thoughts and that they wish them a full and speedy recovery.

However, the theme park claims the girl was given « detailed and repeated instructions » on how to position herself for the slide, including a physical demonstration by a slide operator.

« Following the presentation at WhiteWater World’s Park Health facility, which is manned by a team member who is both a nurse and a paramedic, the injury was assessed and an ambulance was called, » the statement said.

‘The injury was reported to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland by WhiteWater World while admitting the guest to a hospital and an internal investigation is ongoing. ‘

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