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Materials for the new Pitt virtual course to educate students about racism against blacks in the US. S.. . Thanks to people’s interest in the University of Pittsburgh and beyond, it is now accessible to everyone.

« A lot of people have asked us about this course even though we discussed it over the summer, » said Ann E. . Cudd, Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor at Pitt. « There was a lot of great press for this course, and I am proud and grateful for the faculty that put this course together. It has been a tremendous success so far and I look forward to hearing from the students who have now completed the course. ”

« Anti-Black Racism: History, Ideology and Resistance » draws on expertise from the Pitt faculty and activists in the Pittsburgh area. The course addresses established scholarships that focus on black experience and black cultural expression, as well as the development, spread and articulation of racism against blacks in the US and around the world. This fall, freshmen at Pitt were automatically enrolled in the course.

According to Cudd, the course is particularly useful because of its asynchronous nature, which can be accessed at any time.

The class deals with three main areas of investigation: roots, ideology and resistance to racism against blacks. It extends from the transatlantic slave trade to social unrest and activist movements such as can be seen today.

It also examines how race is intertwined with other issues, including ethnicity, gender, class, sexuality, and nationality. A variety of academic disciplines from the humanities, social, arts, science, and health sciences are used to study these topics and help students understand how anti-black racism works in U.. S.. . society.

« We hope this course is a first step in helping students identify and challenge anti-black policies and practices when they encounter them and develop strategies to be anti-racist in their daily lives » said Yolanda Covington-Ward, Chair of the Department of Africana Studies in the Kenneth P. . Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences who led a committee of faculties and students to develop the course.

« Our faculty took great care to outline a set of goals and outcomes that they were striving for, » said Cudd. “You want students to understand the concept of race and the social constructs associated with race and how they affect the outcomes of racism against blacks. We want our students to examine and articulate their personal beliefs and opinions about race and reflect on how these beliefs affect the way we treat people so that we can build an anti-racist society. ”

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EbeneMagazine – AU – Course materials for Anti-Black Racism course now publicly available
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Course Materials for Anti- Black Racism Course Now Available To The Public
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