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Buffets will be gone and COVID-19 testing will be mandatory for passengers on cruise lines when the industry resumes, says the world’s largest cruise industry association.

The Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) has announced the proposed changes and new protocols that passengers can expect if the federal government’s cruise ban is announced as expected on Jan.. December ends.

Changes include mandatory pre-boarding tests for passengers and crew, daily temperature checks, and tight limits on passenger numbers.

Domestic cruises contribute around $ 5 billion to the Australian economy each year, but the industry was at the center of two infection flashpoints during the COVID-19 crisis, with the Diamond Princess outbreak off the coast of Japan and the Ruby Princess fiasco in NSW.

The federal government’s cruise ban expires on Jan.. December off, but when and how the cruise will return is not certain.

Joel Katz, CLIA’s executive director for Australasia, told ABC he hoped the ban would be replaced with a procedure that would allow the cruise to return in 2021.

« Australia’s relative success in curbing the transmission of COVID-19 to the community – along with the robust strategy of the Australasian cruise industry – provides the opportunity for a tightly managed and gradual revitalization of the nation’s cruise industry, with annual sales of $ 5 billion « said Katz.

« This would include initially restricted cruises for residents only, with limited passenger numbers, 100 percent testing of guests and crew members, and extensive verification and hygiene protocols. «  »

Mr. Katz told ABC that the industry is working with the federal government to develop a « cruise resumption framework ». .

In the protocols proposed by the CLIA, cruise ships would initially only operate within state and national borders, and guests would be quarantined at the end of their voyage.

Commerce Secretary Simon Birmingham said the cruise issue was « difficult » and that cruise lines were « very busy » to restore the confidence of health officials and the public.

« The cruise industry is making some efforts to show health officials how to cope with the problems on cruise lines, » Birmingham said on Monday.

« We certainly won’t see international cruises for some time, but if some of the local elements can get back on board, we’ll see them stack up. « . «  »


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EbeneMagazine – AU – Big changes to cruises when ban is lifted

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