EbeneNews – CA – Trump fooled by fake Twitter news that goes down to protect Biden


    US President Donald Trump blamed Thursday’s global Twitter blackout on a deliberate attempt by the company to protect Joe Biden, citing fake news written in the style of « The Onion »

    « Twitter is shutting down entire network to slow down the spread of negative news, » reads on Babylon Bee, a Christian satirical site The False Story claimed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey destroyed his servers on Thursday for censorship an unverified New York Post story about the Democratic presidential candidate and his son, Hunter

    Twitter restricted the story from being broadcast on Thursday due to its pirated content policy.However, there is no evidence that the story has anything to do with the Twitter outage on Thursday afternoon

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    Why a story about Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and the Ukraine is blocked online

    “Wow, this has never been done in history,” Trump tweeted Friday morning, with a link to the Babylon Bee story “This includes his really bad interview last night Why Twitter is doing- he that Draw more attention to Sleepy Joe & Big T « 

    It’s unclear if Trump actually read the story, which begins with Dorsey and several low-armed programmers struggling to destroy all of Twitter’s headquarters computers, and ends with a group of bots attacking « all men. cis white ”in sight The article does not include anything about the Biden town hall event on Thursday, as Trump mentioned in his tweet

    Critics have laughed at Trump for apparently believing ‘fake news’ – a term he often uses for real reporting he doesn’t like

    « This is satire, » wrote writer Dan Fagin in response to Trump’s tweet « Satire is the use of humor, irony, exaggeration or ridicule to denounce stupidity It worked « 

    Bee’s website crashed several times on Friday as legions of Trump followers and critics flocked to the site

    The Babylon Bee describes itself on Twitter as « fake news you can trust » and its homepage is filled with satirical headlines such as « Trump is totally high in lively 7 hour interview with Joe Rogan » and « The New Lord of Amazon » from the Rings series to include a bisexual transgender elf in a wheelchair « 

    « The Babylon Bee is the best satirical site in the world, completely inerrant in all its statements of truth, » the site declares

    The Bee celebrated Trump’s mistake by sharing a link to one of his 2018 stories

    The story was originally written as a satire, although Trump provided evidence to support his claims on Friday

    « Big T was not a reference to me, but rather to Big Tech, which should have been correctly reported in the Fake Trending section of Twitter! » he wrote

    Trump has renewed his attacks in recent days on Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects social media companies from being held accountable for what others post on their platforms Trump targeted Section 230 as Twitter and Facebook scrambled to verify his fake and misleading posts on mail-in ballots

    Section 230 protects sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube from liability for posts made by their users, including Trump

    « If platforms weren’t immune from the law, they wouldn’t risk the legal liability that could come from harboring Donald Trump’s lies, defamation and threats, » Kate said Ruane, Senior Legislative Counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union the Associated Press in May

    Trump has a well-documented history of promoting conspiracy theories and other misinformation around the coronavirus, far-left anarchists, postal voting, his crowd size, and birth certificate by Barack Obama, among others He was also reluctant to condemn extreme views

    On Thursday night, for example, he refused to speak out against QAnon’s baseless conspiracy theory, which sees him as a warrior for God against so-called « deep state pedophiles » who drink the blood of children

    « I don’t know much about the movement other than I understand that they like me a lot, which I appreciate », he had declared at the time « I heard that they are people who love our country « 

    Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have banned the extremist movement from their platforms, fearing it will encourage real-world violence

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    EbeneNews – CA – Trump fooled by fake Twitter news that goes down to protect Biden

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