EbeneNews – AU – ‘I’m working my a ** off’: Secretly recorded tapes of Melania Trump emerge


    Secretly recorded tapes have been leaked of Melania Trump expressing her frustration at being criticized for her husband’s policies, while also needing to perform the traditional First Lady’s Duties in 2018

    The tapes, heard in the video above, were secretly recorded by Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former friend and senior advisor to the first lady who has written a book about their relationship, Melania and I

    « They say that I am accomplice I am the same, like him, I support him I do not say enough that I do not do enough where I am », she declared in a tape which was Airing exclusively on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday night

    « I work my a ** off on Christmas stuff, which you know, giving a fuck on Christmas stuff and decorations? But I have to, right? »

    Melania also spoke of the criticism she had faced over her husband’s policy of separating families who illegally crossed the southern border into the United States.

    « Alright, then I do it and say I’m working on Christmas and preparing for Christmas and they said, ‘Oh, what about the kids who’ve been separated? « , she says

    « Give me a fucking break Did they say something when Obama did this? I can’t go, I was trying to reunite the kid with the mom

    The policy Melania Trump was referring to was different from that of her husband, President Donald Trump

    Under former President Barack Obama, children were only separated from their parents when authorities had concerns for their well-being or could not confirm that the adult was in fact their legal guardian

    In a statement, Melania Trump’s chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham, lambasted Wolkoff for releasing the recording

    « Secretly registering the First Lady and voluntarily breaking an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to publish a salacious book is a clear attempt at relevance, » she said in a statement

    « The timing remains suspect, as does this endless exercise of self-pity and narcissism »

    In another recording, Melania Trump highlights the reaction of migrant children brought in « by coyotes » as proof of the quality of the detention center and « the way they take care of them »

    « The kids say, ‘Wow, am I going to have my own bed? Am I going to sleep on the bed? Will I have a wardrobe for my clothes? « It’s so sad to hear it but they didn’t have that in their own country, they sleep on the floor, » says Melania Trump on the tape

    « They’re well taken care of there But you know, yeah, they’re not with their parents, it’s sad

    « But when they come here alone or with coyotes or illegally, you know, you have to do something »

    Wolkoff told Cooper on Thursday that she thought Melania Trump may have felt maternal concern for the children, but passed it to get on the administration’s agenda

    « I think as a mother those maternal instincts in her were triggered and she cared, » Wolkoff said

    « But there is no husband to turn to, the leader of the free world, to discuss how she feels about it

    « So whatever it is, she stands in line and she just decides that what she heard and what she was told corresponds to the rule of law in our country »

    « On the other hand, Melania, the traditions of the first lady and the president went out the window with this couple and I think if there was there would be so much to do but, again, no support No understanding « 

    Wolkoff, a former Vogue magazine staffer who has overseen high-value events including the Met Gala, has known Melania Trump for over a decade

    The women were close for several years as they both lived in New York City and worked in similar social circles

    Wolkoff was the first Trump hired for the East Wing, acting as the First Lady’s senior advisor, writing speeches and helping design what would become the « Be Best » platform

    This was motivated by the amount of money Wolkoff and his events company allegedly pocketed while planning and executing the grand opening

    Wolkoff’s business received over $ 26 million, most of which went to subcontractors, but a considerable amount, apparently $ 1 million, went directly to Wolkoff’s business, according to reports. documents reviewed by CNN

    Wolkoff personally received around $ 500,000 for his role in the inauguration, according to the New York Times

    Melania Trump, First Lady of the United States, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Donald Trump, on Christmas Day

    EbeneNews – UA – « I’m working my a ** off »: secretly Melania Trump’s recorded tapes emerge

    SOURCE: https://www.w24news.com

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