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Miraculously, there were no victims during the emergency in St. Petersburg. At night on the territory of the former boiler house, a multi-ton pipe collapsed. The blow was so strong that fragments of bricks flew to the entrances of houses and damaged dozens of parked cars, the owners of which are now calculating the damage..

Dozens of damaged cars, fragments of bricks everywhere in the parking lot. Monday morning for residents of a high-rise building in one of the sleeping areas of St. Petersburg is definitely not good..

All this is the consequences of the fall of the pipe of the former boiler house. A multi-meter structure at one in the morning, for no reason, collapsed and shattered into small fragments.

Shrapnel from a broken pipe damaged at least ten cars. If their owners are upset, then Alexei’s mood is doubly spoiled. Shrapnel not only punctured the roof of his car, but also severely damaged his wife’s car.

« No announcements, nothing. It is clear if there was at least some note that the pipe will be demolished. I would remove it, ”complains Alexey Valker.

From the place where the pipe collapsed to the nearest residential building about three hundred meters. And even imagine how it could all end if everything happened during the day. The boulders flew in all directions with such force that even the front door. Besides, stones still stick out of the house.. And luckily they didn’t hit the windows.

This could be called an accident – after all, such work at night, and even more so near residential buildings, is prohibited. But only people doubt this – work on clearing the industrial zone has been going on for a long time, they plan to build a new residential quarter there. And such collapses are far from the first time. But there were no such consequences.

« There, the developer, who is their contractor, we do not know. Accordingly, when they fell, dropped, we had no announcements. We were faced with the fact that everyone was horrified by the sound that was. The house shook, « says Evgenia Valker.

Here are just the works, as it turned out, are going with violations: As we were told in the State Construction Supervision, no one issued a building permit, and the developer did not even send a notice of demolition at the site.

« Dismantling work was carried out illegally. Gosstroynadzor did not give a decision on construction. The developer will be summoned to Gosstroynadzor regarding the incident and the inspection, « – assures the press secretary of the State Construction Supervision and Expertise of St. Petersburg Anna Friedental.

« The prosecutor’s office, in the course of supervisory activities, will give a legal assessment of the actions of responsible officials, including representatives of the contractor for compliance with the requirements of federal legislation when carrying out work at the facility, maintaining and servicing the pipe during operation, » said senior assistant prosecutor of St. Petersburg on media relations Ekarina Dmitrieva.

Now the company has to pay damages to motorists and repair the damage to the damaged house. And also to answer for illegal dismantling, because of which people could suffer.

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EbeneMagazine – RU – Residents of a high-rise building miraculously did not suffer from the fall of a boiler room pipe in St. Petersburg
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