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The singer from Krasnoyarsk Nadezhda Samkova made it to the next stage of the music show « The Voice » on Channel One. During the duel stage, the artist performed with the famous musician Roman Arkhipov. The couple won the jury with their number for the song of the Metallica group, which combined the strengths of both performers – rock and opera. Musicians’ mentor Sergey Shnurov left Nadezhda in his team and said that he would continue musical experiments with her. In Krasnoyarsk, the artist is known as a performer of romances and opera arias. In the Shnur team, the singer reveals herself in new images. Nadezhda got a ticket to the third round thanks to the performance of a rock number.

– For me this number was absolutely unusual, so I was afraid. Rather, I was worried about the reaction of my colleagues, spectators, Krasnoyarsk spectators who know me. They know me in a different way. This image is rather fatal. I had a fantastic partner with whom we worked – Roman Arkhipov. He is famous, everyone knows him both in Krasnoyarsk and in Moscow. And I was fantastically pleased to work with him, he is very professional. And we, it seems to me, sang this number with dignity.

– I have already mentioned my partner. He is media. I assumed that, most likely, he would remain. Therefore, you can go right now and watch my reaction on YouTube, because I did not expect. About 98 percent I thought Roman would be left. He is already known, understandable to everyone. I think, well, what else can Sergei Vladimirovich come up with with me? Therefore, I was sure that they would leave Roma, and I had such a reaction. I didn’t even hug my partner. I just flew to my support group.

– Some time passes between the recording of the program and the airing of the show, during which you cannot tell your family and friends about how you went through the auditions, whether you passed to the next stage or not. How does it feel to keep your emotions to yourself when you have gone further, but you can’t talk about it?

– OK, I’m used to it. Everyone asks, I cannot say, I am silent and smile, I say, you will see everything live when you watch. Every Friday.

– I am sure that you would also choose Shnurov, because he is insanely handsome, imposing, creative, charismatic. I guess I chose him first of all as a woman, not a professional. Because I didn’t know what we were going to do with him. But I understood that he would definitely find a unique, individual approach to me.. And I am happy to be on his team, because what we do with him, I could hardly carry out such experiments in Krasnoyarsk or on another stage. There already no one asks me, and we just do.

– Sergey Shnurov left you in the team and said that he would continue to change you. In the next show, should we expect a new Hope, in a different way, with new music that we have not seen before?

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EbeneMagazine – RU – Krasnoyarsk singer Nadezhda Samkova made it to the next stage of the Voice show
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