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The full moon on Monday will increase the ability to intuitively sense people.. Then there will be a period of the waning moon. The first week of winter will be the most favorable for new acquaintances..

During the week it will turn out to organize everything so that the representatives of the sign will achieve excellent results in business. In relations with relatives and a partner, you should be softer and more tolerant.. On the weekend, singles will have a chance to meet an interesting person. Taurus
Throughout the first half of the period, you will have to work hard and hard, expect a nice bonus in the form of a bonus or an increase in salary as a reward. At the end of the week, it is recommended to be restrained in communication with people around, otherwise the risk of conflicts is high. Twins
Thanks to your subtle instinct, you will be able to build lines of communication so that you will achieve all your goals. You also don’t have to worry about your finances and career.. Lonely representatives of the sign will meet a worthy person. Crayfish
Feel charming and attractive, become more relaxed and take the initiative yourself. The period promises many positive moments and events. Good news is also expected regarding work or business.. a lion
There are a lot of joyful and positive emotions ahead, everything will turn out in the best way in personal life.. Representatives of the opposite sex will begin to actively show attention. In business, you can also expect success, and it is desirable for businessmen to conduct important negotiations. Virgo
The days will be rich in various kinds of events. There is enough energy and desire to act for everything. However, circumstances will turn out in such a way that many things planned and planned will not work.. Potential disruptions to plans, canceled appointments and delayed payments. Libra
The period will give you an excellent mood, those around you will enthusiastically react to the representatives of the sign. At the beginning of the week, you can count on interesting communication and promising acquaintances.. Scorpio
Nothing foreshadows either troubles or positive events, therefore it is recommended to take up long-standing ideas. A calm environment around you will not let you lose focus. No changes are foreseen in personal relationships. Sagittarius
At the very beginning of the week, be careful and correct in communicating with loved ones in order to avoid conflicts and major quarrels.. On other days, it is better to refuse excessive loads. It is worth taking care of your health and avoiding overwork. Capricorn
There will be strength to complete a large number of pressing matters. Much can be completed without much effort. You can start drawing up new plans. It is advisable to spend the weekend in a relaxed atmosphere. Aquarius
The first half of the week will be hectic and hectic, but useful connections and new friends will be undoubted advantages. Do not give up on business trips and travel for business. The period will bring financial stability and make it possible to make a large purchase. Fish
You will have to face a struggle within yourself, anxiety and anxiety are possible for no apparent reason. Pay attention to health, eat well. Also, do not overexert yourself physically and intellectually..

Horoscope, Week, November 30, December 6

EbeneMagazine – RU – Horoscope for Bugulminians from November 30 to December 6
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