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Director General of Pobeda Airlines Andrey Kalmykov faces dismissal for a rally in support of the football player of St. Petersburg Zenit and the Russian national team Artyom Dzyuba.

On November 11, the Boeing 737-800 of this airline, traveling from Moscow to Yekaterinburg, deviated from the route and traced a male genital organ in the sky.

According to the results of the investigation of the aviation incident, the Rosaviation commission came to the conclusion that the flight along an unplanned trajectory was not caused by technical necessity, but was authorized by the airline’s leadership in order to display a phallic symbol on the tracker in support of football player Dziuba, reports the Aviation Explorer portal.

According to the pilots of the flight, during the flight to Yekaterinburg, the aircraft showed signs of failure of the navigation system, after which they requested permission from the dispatching services to perform maneuvers in order to check the operation of the on-board systems. However, as established by the investigation, no system failures during the flight were recorded by the flight recorder..

The Commission concluded that these actions were carried out either with the approval of the airline management, or at its request. The crew unnecessarily performed unauthorized maneuvers on a flight with passengers, complicating the work of dispatch services.

The general director of Pobeda, Andrei Kalmykov, said that the pilots thus wanted to support the captain of the Russian national football team and St. Petersburg Zenit Artem Dzyuba, who was demoted after the video of intimate content appeared on the network.

However, the flight crew said during negotiations with the air traffic controller, who drew attention to the unusual trajectory, that this figure appeared in the sky not on their initiative.

« It’s not me. I understand everything, I was not particularly happy about this, they told me, the flight plan was submitted, I am doing it, you did not agree, I am only glad « , – quotes a fragment of the transcript of the REN TV negotiations. The pilot did not specify who initiated the maneuver that created an emergency situation in the sky..

The commission’s report also cites facts that on the eve of the incident, Pobeda Airlines tried to submit a flight plan on the Moscow – St. Petersburg route with a similar deviation from the route, allegedly for the purpose of conducting fuel drain training. However, Boeing 737-800 aircraft are not equipped with an in-flight fuel drain system, so the plan had to be abandoned..

As a result, the Federal Air Transport Agency proposes the founder of the airline PJSC « Aeroflot » to consider the issue of the compliance of the head of « Pobeda » with the position held and to submit reports on the official check to law enforcement agencies.

Artem Dzyuba, Federal Air Transport Agency, Pobeda

EbeneMagazine – RU – An Aeroflot plane drew a phallus in the sky in support of Dziuba by order of the CEO

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