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Adam Le Fondre scored a brace for Mumbai while Hernan Santana scored the third goal.

Panaji: Mumbai City FC won the Indian Super League. Sik’s crushing victory. Mumbai thrashed East Bengal by three wickets. Adam Le Fondre scored a brace for Mumbai while Hernan Santana scored the third goal.

Mumbai won by dominating all sectors. Although he did not score, Hugo Boumes controlled the game. East Bengal could not hold on as Baumus filled the role of playmaker. Through today’s performance, I.S.. The. He holds the record for most assists by a bone. Today’s Hero of the Match award goes to Hugo Baumas.

Both teams started attacking from the start. Malayalee player Mohammad Irshad has been named in the East Bengal squad. Soon after the start of the match, East Bengal captain Daniel Foxes was ruled out due to injury.

East Bengal goalkeeper Majumdar beautifully saves Hugo Boumes shot in the eighth minute.. In the 18th minute, East Bengal’s Rafique was hit by a long range Mumbai skipper Amarinder Singh.. Mumbai scored the first goal in the ensuing counter-attack.

Mumbai scored a goal through a beautiful team game. In the 21st minute, superstar Adam Le Fondre scored an easy goal to give Mumbai the lead. Fondre scored on the strength of Hugo Boumas’ smashed pass.

At the start of the second half, Mumbai again netted East Bengal. Adam Le Fondre scored again for Mumbai. East Bengal goalie Majumdar fouled the player inside the penalty box. The penalty was awarded to Fondrey Anayasena.

Ten minutes later Hernan Santana scored the third goal for Mumbai with a superb shot. With this, East Bengal collapsed. After a series of errors, Bengal performed poorly in the second half. In the second half, the team could not score a single shot towards the goal. East Bengal failed to score a single goal despite being replaced by JJ Lal Pekhula.. East Bengal also have the shameless record of not scoring a goal so far this season.

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EbeneMagazine – IN – Three hit Mumbai, East Bum as shattered
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