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New York Mets star Robinson Cano has tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs for a second time and will now be suspended throughout the 2021 season, the league announced Wednesday.

ESPN’s Geoff Basan spreads the news of his second positive Kano test, which will cost him his entire $ 24 million salary. The league’s statement soon followed, confirming that Kano, 38, tested positive for stanozolol, a synthetic steroid banned by the league:

The Office of the Baseball Commissioner announced today that Robinson Cano, the second baseball player for the New York Mets, has received a suspension for 162 unpaid games after testing positive for Stanozolol, a performance-enhancing substance, in violation of Joint Drug Prevention in Major League Baseball. And the treatment program.

Canó’s suspension, previously suspended for program violation on May 15, 2018, will begin at the start of the regular season of 2021.

Kano was previously suspended in May 2018 while with the Seattle Mariners. In his previous comment, Cano tested positive for furosemide, which is not a PED drug per se, but a diuretic commonly used as a masking agent for drug use tests..

“We are very disappointed to report Robinson’s comment for violating Major League Baseball’s Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. The violation is very unfortunate for him, for the organization, for our fans and for sports. Mets fully supports MLB’s efforts towards eliminating performance enhancements from the game.

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Robinson Cano, the second baseman at the Mets, tested positive for a performance-improving drug and has been suspended for the entire 2021 season, announced Wednesday.

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EbeneMagazine – CA – Robinson Cano suspended for 2021 season after another positive PED test

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