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British designer Vivienne Westwood (R) points with West Papua activist Benny Wenda (L) during a protest to highlight the exploitation of the West Papuan rainforest and the continued presence of BP in the region outside of BP’s London headquarters on 18. October 2019

In a significant escalation of the decades-long struggle for independence, the separatist leaders of West Papua have declared a provisional government in exile for the disputed Indonesian province.

The United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) – a coalition of independence groups – announced this on their self-proclaimed Independence Day, which takes place every year on Jan.. December takes place. The group presented a new constitution and appointed their exile leader Benny Wenda as interim president.

« Today we honor and recognize all of our ancestors who fought and died for us by finally forming a unified waiting government, » Wenda was quoted as saying by the Guardian. “We embody the spirit of the people of West Papua and are ready to rule our country.

“As stated in our interim constitution, a future republic of West Papua will be the world’s first green state and a beacon of human rights – the opposite of decades of bloody Indonesian colonization. Today we are taking another step towards our dream of a free, independent and liberated West Papua, ”he told the newspaper.

The move appears to be the culmination of an increasingly violent conflict between separatists and Indonesian authorities who do not plan to give up control of the region.

This happened when the United Nations said it was « disrupted by escalating violence » in the provinces of Papua and West Papua. There have been repeated reports of extrajudicial killings, excessive use of force, arrests and ongoing harassment and intimidation of protesters and human rights defenders.

Teuku Faizasyah, a spokesman for the Indonesian Foreign Ministry, ignored the separatist group’s statement and described it as « Mr.. . Wenda’s self-proclaimed status « .

« The status of Papua as part of Indonesia, the successor state to the Dutch (Dutch) East Indies, is final, » he said, referring to the former colonial power.

He said the integration process had been overseen by the United Nations and included the adoption of a resolution.

Papua and West Papua are two provinces of Indonesia that were once Dutch colonies. The Netherlands ended their colonial rule in the region in 1962.

Indonesia unilaterally took control of Papua and West Papua and officially included the region in 1969. The population of both provinces is ethnically and culturally different within Indonesian society.

British designer Vivienne Westwood (R) points with West Papua activist Benny Wenda (L) during a protest to highlight the exploitation of the West Papuan rainforest and BP’s continued presence in the region outside of BP’s headquarters in London on 18. October 2019

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EbeneMagazine – AU – West Papua declares the government in Indonesia to wait

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