Ebene Magazine – « Tuesday Surprise » Ryoma Takeuchi’s « Food Manners » « Shock » (January 13, 2021) –Excite News

Ebene Magazine - "Tuesday Surprise" Ryoma Takeuchi's "Food Manners" "Shock" (January 13, 2021) --Excite News

Ryoma Takeuchi makes a surprise appearance at TGC! « If you get excited » through the screen

Actor Ryoma Takeuchi appeared as a secret guest at « 31st Mynavi Tokyo Girls Collection 2020 AUTUMN / WINTER ONLINE » (TGC) held online on the 5th. Appeared in smoke, …

Ryoma Takeuchi and Akiko Wada, a big senior, were having a meal together!

It seems that Akiko Wada liked Ryoma Takeuchi. Ryoma fans are buzzing with a word that Wada suddenly leaked in the variety show « I’m sorry for my Gaya! » (Nippon TV) broadcast on January 22nd. Wada is on this day …

Chocopla reveals a meal with Ryoma Takeuchi « What seems to be expensive … »

On May 7th, Nippon Television’s « I’m sorry for my Gaya! Ryoma Takeuchi appeared in. When Takeuchi appeared at the beginning of the program, MC Hiromi told Chocolate Planet’s Shohei Nagata and Shun Matsuo, who are appearing in the studio, « You guys are really good friends …

Ryoma Takeuchi, Japan’s first zombie drama, « I don’t want to lose »

Actor Ryoma Takeuchi attended a remote press conference on the NTV series drama « Love You as the World Ends » (every Sunday at 10:30), which will start on the 5th and 17th. When you draw a zombie in earnest for the first time in a terrestrial golden band serial drama …

Ryoma Takeuchi « Fulfilling » First Zombie Starts on 17th NTV Series Drama « Love You as the World Ends » Interview

A remote press conference of the NTV series drama « Love You as the World Ends » (starting on the 17th, Sunday at 10:30 pm) starring actor Ryoma Takeuchi (27) is being held in Tokyo and co-starring. I attended with Ayami Jo (23) and others. With Hulu …

Ryoma Takeuchi & Ayami Nakajo praise the quality of zombies « I don’t want you to get closer to the real thing »

Actor Ryoma Takeuchi and actress Ayami Nakajo attend a remote press conference on January 17th, the drama « Love You as the World Ends » (NTV / every Sunday at 22:30). Japan’s first book as a serial drama of the terrestrial golden band …

Ryoma Takeuchi « Quite lonely » « Ryoma Takeuchi » who played the role of « the person himself »

In WOWOW’s original drama « Ryoma Takeuchi’s Shooting Holiday », Ryoma Takeuchi has taken on a new challenge of performing « Ryoma Takeuchi’s fictional holiday » by himself under the direction of his unique directors. He has a straight and positive aura, but he says, « Actor …

Ryoma Takeuchi starring in the role of himself « Only » Ryoma Takeuchi « that I have never seen before »

The one-episode omnibus drama « WOWOW original drama Ryoma Takeuchi’s shooting break » starring Ryoma Takeuchi will start on November 6th at WOWOW Prime (every Friday from 24:00 to 8 episodes 1st episode free broadcast) ). The drama is busy …

Ryoma Takeuchi has ears and Moe Moe Kyun

Ryoma Takeuchi is a rumbling ear & Moe Moe Kyun Actor Ryoma Takeuchi (25 years old) will appear in the variety show « Ningen Kansatsu Variety Monitoring » (TBS series) broadcast on October 18. « What if Ryoma Takeuchi suddenly appears in Shibuya Center Gai on Sunday afternoon? »

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