Ebene Magazine – « Tractor » – « Vityaz »: Alexander Kozhevnikov’s forecast for the KHL match in Chelyabinsk ru

Ebene Magazine - "Tractor" - "Vityaz": Alexander Kozhevnikov's forecast for the KHL match in Chelyabinsk ru

Two-time Olympic champion, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR Alexander Kozhevnikov made a prediction for the KHL regular championship match « Traktor » – « Vityaz. » … We have to go under the puck, tear and throw, score points and delight the local public. Otherwise, they will not go on like this. « Vityaz » now needs glasses much more, but their four-hour journey is unlikely to lead to good. Well, we’ll see how it goes. I think the « tractor drivers » will start and confidently win at least two goals. Podol residents will definitely resist, but « Traktor » away and « Traktor » at home are, in my understanding, completely different teams. At home it is easier and better for them, as, indeed, for many. It will be a little harder for Vityaz because of the move. Of course, it’s not to fly to the Far East, but at least four hours on the way, you also need to transfer it normally. Chelyabinsk residents are not particularly stronger than Podol residents. Their level is about the same, but the guests just would not hurt to have a team head and shoulders above today’s hosts. I mean skill. The wards of Mikhail Kravets move away a lot, so the « tractor drivers » can very easily take them and run over them, « Kozhevnikov said.

Pyotr Kondakov

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