Ebene Magazine – « Sheer nightmare »: the social network told about the state of the Saratov school ru

Ebene Magazine - "Sheer nightmare": the social network told about the state of the Saratov school ru

School No. 48 in the Leninsky District is in a depressing state. The photographs taken within the walls of the educational institution were anonymously posted in the Saratov online group of the VKontakte social network.

« This school is a real nightmare for all the students. To begin with, every day plaster from the ceiling is poured on them. On each floor there are peeling walls. On the fourth floor there are daily drips because the roof is too leaky. In the gym, the ceiling is falling on everyone. class, stretched an old mesh, which is 50 years old.

Now let’s talk about the toilet. In the female, everything is not so bad, but in the male – horror. It seems that the last time the managers were there only at the opening of the school. There are cracked toilets everywhere, mold stains, stale enamel. They decided not to do the floors in this wonderful school at all, they just put in the cheapest linoleum, which was already glued 10 times, than not getting there. Moreover, he is also rotten « , – wrote the unknown author of the post.

« For the period 2019-2020, the following types of repair work were carried out at the secondary school No. 48 for a total amount of 592.9 thousand rubles: roof repair, repair of the heating system and cold water supply.

For 2021, during the summer period, the institution is scheduled for cosmetic repairs. The issue of replacing communications will be considered. At present, there is no threat to the life and health of students « , – assured IA » Vzglyad-info « in the administration of the Leninsky district.

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