Ebene Magazine – Poured out a tub of dirt and framed: the actor of « Univer » exposed the ungrateful ex-wife ru

Ebene Magazine - Poured out a tub of dirt and framed: the actor of "Univer" exposed the ungrateful ex-wife ru

Some time ago, the ex-wife of the actor from the sitcom « Univer »
gave a candid interview. Irina Mairko said that Vitaly Gogunsky
refuses to support their common daughter Milana. Moreover, the actor does not support
connection with the child.

Finally, Gogunsky himself commented on the situation. The artist exposed the ex-sweetheart who poured a tub of dirt on him. Within the
of the popular show, Vitaly said that he really did not pay child support. By
according to the star of the series « Univer », he and his wife had a verbal agreement on
on this occasion, and the ungrateful Mairko, with her statement, set him up.

Vitaly Gogunsky noted that he left his wife and
daughter, all he had was a metropolitan apartment, a business that brought
impressive passive income. Univer star thinks she’s done enough
for the heiress, provided her for years to come. In addition, Irina is not officially
filed for alimony.

Mairko blocked Gogunsky’s number on her phone and
daughter’s phone. The artist cannot contact the heiress. It’s funny for an actor to hear accusations that he doesn’t care about

The Univer actor also said that he was the one who promoted
Milan, provided her with a path to the stage. Vitaly saw the heiress’s desire to study
creativity, he himself had no production ambitions. Gogunsky believes that he has become
not needed by his wife when her daughter’s popularity began to bring money.

Today Vitaly Gogunsky does not agree with which course
Milana’s career goes. A child, according to a celebrity, should perform others
songs. « Go to your daughter’s » Instagram « – there is some kind of TV shop.
a child is turned into a golden antelope « – reasoned the actor of the » Univer « series.

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