Ebene Magazine – Mayor’s decree: schoolchildren return to classes, pensioners and workers – while at home ru

Ebene Magazine - Mayor's decree: schoolchildren return to classes, pensioners and workers - while at home ru

On the one hand, the New Year’s pause stopped the growth of the incidence. Thanks to weekends and a two-fold decrease in passenger traffic in public transport, many chains of the spread of coronavirus have been broken.

On the other hand, there has not yet been a tangible decrease in the hospitalization rate. More than 13 thousand people are still in hospitals – the same number as on the eve of the holidays.

But at the same time, thanks to the additional capacities introduced in recent weeks, there are about 7.6 thousand beds in coronavirus hospitals. 2 thousand more beds than at the end of December.

In this situation, having weighed all the pros and cons and consulted with sanitary doctors, we made the following decisions.

1. Starting Monday, January 18, 2021, students in grades 1 through 11 will return to school and begin their regular studies.

Schoolchildren’s transport cards will be unlocked, and they will again be able to use the right of reduced travel on public transport.

In the event that even one case of infection is detected – as in the first half of the year – the entire class will be temporarily transferred to distance learning.

City universities and colleges, institutions of additional education and sports schools during this period will work in distance learning mode or be on vacation.

According to epidemiologists, the coming days will clarify the trend emerging in Moscow, which will allow making decisions for a longer period.

If there is no deterioration and the stabilization of the current incidence rate becomes stable, we will consider the possibility of easing a number of other restrictions.

Enterprises and organizations must scrupulously follow the instructions of sanitary doctors. And citizens should observe social distancing and use protective equipment.

And don’t delay the decision to vaccinate. The sooner we form a collective defense against the virus, the sooner the city will return to normal life.

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