Ebene Magazine – BTS: Upset fans send protest trucks demanding better treatment and management of Jimin en

Ebene Magazine - BTS: Upset fans send protest trucks demanding better treatment and management of Jimin en

A certain group of BTS fans are upset with Big Hit Entertainment over their mismanaging of the group’s member Jimin. It has been revealed that fans have sent protest trucks voicing their disappointment towards the agency. As reported by Koreaboo, a fan group Mochi Union (@guardiansofpjm) on Twitter shared photos of the protest trucks stationed in South Korea. According to the fan group, the company has been mismanaging him and preventing him from rising. The group also accused the agency of not protecting the idol from malicious comments and rumours well.

« Big Hit Entertainment, as an artist’s agency, has been extremely inefficient in dealing with Jimin’s antis, has no planning for Jimin’s career, and even hides Jimin’s achievements in order to suppress him. Since there is a serious negligence of duty, we decide to make a truck protest, » the statement read. 

« Jimin has been working hard on the stage and treating his fans with sincerity since his debut. Big Hit, as Jimin’s trusted agency and even trusted by Jimin as his family, ignores Jimin’s antis and allows them to spread rumours about him. For a long time, antis keep harassing YouTubers who praise Jimin and journalists who report news about Jimin’s excellent performance and achievements and even publicly starting a rumour about some authoritative lists and rankings such as Gallup, » the statement added. 

The truck has been stationed at the location from 10 am – 6 pm KST. On the truck, the banner read, “global fans of BTS’s Jimin love his unlimited talent and charms, and wants to see a variety of activities for him.” The message also read, « BigHit should stop its repression of BTS’s Jimin and not hide his good results.”

The group also demanded the company to sue those spreading rumours and writing malicious posts. They also asked to protect his human rights. They have requested to take measures for individual activities for Mochi. 

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KPOP idols should be treated fairly and like human beings they are. As for JIMIN oppa they should be careful with such demotivating comments which can harm him mentally more than physical. BTS is a group, it’s an issue of their human rights. Let them freely show their talents and not suppressing it. They r at a platform where they should be allowed freedom and not gain unnecessary stress which can really be harmful. BORAHAE

treat them equally in ARMY eyes them are same we love them equally please

Jiminin deserves the respect for he is a great dancer and singer and many other creative ideas he has put in to the album bts and bighit should be grateful to have such an artist on their team

This is so ridiculous!!! He’s a HUMAN TOO!!!!!!.. AND We all armies request to NOT HIDE IS TALENTS …….

What the hell is going..AHH!
I think the biggest problem is that idols in the kpop industry are treated very badly and should be treated better and more lovingly as the want…. They are too struggling in the stages… So, the industry must want to note that and care as they want …

This is unfair!!!

I think the biggest problem is that idols in the kpop industry are treated badly and should be treated better and more lovingly.

Like really…..try not to assume things

i mean jimin will come out with his music when the time comes , but that is not the main issue here.
The issue that should be stressed on is the anti’s who are showering unnecessary hate on jimin , which is stressing jimin a lot. Necessary action should be taken those anti’s so that they don’t even show up on the internet with such malicious content again. I’m sure bighit is taking action , but since there are a lot of anti’s it will take time to take action on all of them.

What happened

Jokes and hate being made towards Jimin for his eating disorder and also getting mocked of by Antis

Spread of …Rumors

What the hell!

Yes.. It’s possible that they were antis too…

i know right! He’s part of a group so there’s no need for him to be doing solo activities. But Bighit doesn’t repress him or any of the members for that fact. They let them release mixtapes and songs sung by the members. He recently released Christmas love, and his previous songs like Promise etc. So I feel like some of these people are solo stans…

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