Ebene Magazine – Boris Akunin: « Historical event » ru

Ebene Magazine - Boris Akunin: "Historical event" ru

« Today’s event is quite historical. It will have important consequences. The Kremlin, as far as I understand, has three options here, » the writer notes on Facebook in connection with Alexei Navalny’s decision to return to Russia.

« Child: Don’t let it go. Urgently worsen the statistics on the epidemic and close the country or arrange something else like that.

Adult: To put up with this splinter further, because the country is large and there will always be a real, non-Marionette opposition.

The first option will expose the Kremlin to ridicule. The second will create a big and permanent problem: from now on there will be only two names for peace in Russia – the Terrible Dictator and the Beautiful Fighter for Freedom, languishing in GULAG.

The third option presupposes a deviation from the course towards the totality of political control and is therefore highly unlikely. The system is absolutely not adapted for this.

In any case, Alexei Navalny is doing a strong and beautiful act. I really hoped that this would not happen. I am very sorry for my wife Yulia and children. « 

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