Chris Evans Accidentally Shared A Very Private Photo On Instagram, And The Internet Went Nuts


    The news has been pretty grim of late, and lord knows everyone could use some much-needed comic relief. Luckily, on Saturday, the same day the president was trying to spread misinformation about voter fraud, we were given one: While recording a video on Instagram, Chris Evans accidentally shared some photos he didn’t mean to make public. Lo and behold, one of them featured what appeared to be his trouser snake. And of course, on social media, the big news was well received.

    As per Page Six, the erstwhile Captain America was innocently playing a game of “Heads Up” with his 5.7 million followers. But he failed to trim a clip from a video he uploaded, revealing a gallery of private photos. And wouldn’t you know a head, possibly his own, really did pop up. Evans was quick to delete the video, but not quick enough: Numerous people screengrabbed or took video of the salacious pic.

    Those that didn’t grab it at least caught wind of the fracas, and promptly flooded the internet not with images of Evans’ Steve Rogers, but with the next best thing: d*ck jokes.








    Some people expressed concern for Evans’ publicist.


    Or for his former Marvel castmates.



    We leave you with another, much more family-friendly piece of Chris Evans content: him meeting a nice dog.


    (Via Page Six)




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